WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Chopin posters from the Dydo collection

This web exhibition in memory of the 200. anniversary of the birth of polish composer and pianist Frederic Chopin accompanies the current exhibition Today is my birthday Frederic Chopin 1810 - 1849 in Cracow, Poland, with posters from the collection of Krzysztof Dydo, who also provided the pictures below from the catalogue of the exhibition.

1949, Henryk Tomaszewski

1952, Wladyslaw Daszewski

1955, Tadeusz Trepkowski

1980, Henryk Tomaszewski

1984, Tomasz Szulecki

2000, Tomasz Szulecki

2006, Mieczyslaw Wasilewski

1970, Bronislaw Zelek

1980, Maciej Urbaniec

1999, Mieczyslaw Wasilewski

2006, Mieczyslaw Wasilewski

2000, Roslaw Szaybo

2009, Wieslaw Grzergorczyk

2005, Wieslaw Grzergorczyk

1990, Leszek Wisniewski

2004, Katarzyna Michalowska

2002, Wieslaw Walkuski

2010, Piotr Kunce

2010, Tomasz Boguslawski

2010, Mieczyslaw Gorowski

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