WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - In memory of Tapani Aartomaa

Jaana Aartomaa
Tapani Aartomaa, the great designer and teacher from Finland passed away on Tuesday, 27th of October 2009. A short obituary appeared in M&m in finnish, and in AGI Magazine in english: "Tapani Aartomaa is well known in Finland as a central figure in graphic design. His contribution and importance as professor, graphic designer, organizer and a member in various professionals councils was unique in our country ..." Kari Piippo and Kyösti Varis

More web pages about Tapani Aartomaa can be found in my growing link list in Delicious.

I have collected below some contributions that express the admiration Tapani Aartomaa enjoyed in the poster world:

U.G. Sato, Japan

Dimitris Arvanitis, Greece

Vladimir Chaika, Russia

Erkki Ruuhinen, Finland

Osvaldo Gaona, Mexico
I met Tapani and Ulla when they came to Mexico in 1996 as part of the jury panel of the 4. International Poster Biennale and was the first time I went out in the biennial selected, I was very young I was 22 years and Tapani was surprised that a young like me could have done that I performed.

He embraced me and told me to follow the path of the poster, which had possibilities, from there I am dedicated to this beautiful design activity, I gave him an illustration and he loved it.

This poster has an illustration similar to that 13 years ago gave him.

Until then Tapani...

Osvaldo Gaona


Samuel Verdugo, Mexico

Elmer Sosa, Mexico

The Faldin Family, Russia

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