WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Where are my posters? Susanne Roehrig's diploma works

Susanne Roehrig is a student of Karl Guenther Bose from the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig, Germany. Following her diploma work in which she developed the idea of calendar posters, she made 7 posters, each bearing a date from September or October and recalling an interesting event in Leipzig's history, for example the wedding of Clara and Robert Schumann in 1840, the university enrolment of the playwright Lessing in 1746, and so on. Just like leafs from a tear-off calendar they entertain and enlighten passers-by with little known facts about the city.

What makes Susanne's work unique is that she did not just design, print and post the posters, but also documented their life on the walls of Leipzig, as seen in the pictures below. Many more can be found on her website kalenderplakate.de.

Clara and Robert Schumann just married

The Leipzig race course opens

The botanist C.F. Schwaegerichen is born

Playwright G.E. Lessing enters university

Music publisher C.G. Breitkopf is born

Reclam Editions are founded

The German National Library is founded

Susanne Roehrig's calendar posters in the streets of Leipzig, Germany:

Susanne Roehrig's diploma posters, unpublished:

Marie Curie discovers Polonium

My first Amiga computer

German spelling reform

The last Quagga dies

Robert de Niro is born

Bravo, the german teen magazine

Science fiction movies enter the cinema

Boxing gloves become compulsory

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