WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Posters from the Malte Martin exhibition at Galerie Anatome, Paris

This web exhibition accompanies the current exhibition "Make me a sign!" by the german born french graphic designer Malte Martin (b. 1958) at the Galerie Anatome in Paris, October 8 - December 23, 2009. Text and pictures were kindly provided by Malte Martin and Cécilia Michaud.

Malte Martin is a graphic design multi talent and has become well known through his installations in Chaumont and Paris, and his studio agrafmobile which "creates multi-form artistic events where visual arts, sound creation and living shows blend". At least half of the objects in the exhibition are traditional theater posters however, some of them are shown below. Please see the documentation press kit, sources and events for more information about the exhibition and the associated events, or consult the agrafmobile catalogue/DVD.

Posters for the Théâtre de l'Athénée, Paris

Posters for the Théâtre 71 in Malakoff, Paris

More posters

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