WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - The 5th Annual International Typography Poster as Asma-ul Husna


The 100 attributes of Allah, also known as "The 100 Most Beautiful Names of God" (arabic Asma ul Husna) is an old islamic concept going back to a compilation of all the different ways that Allah is mentioned in the Quran. The name of Allah, and its variations, has been a popular subject in islamic art and architecture, particularly in calligraphy, and is omnipresent in daily life in Iran through expressions like "in the name of Allah", Insha'Allah, or Alla-hu Akbar.

In 2005, iranian graphic designer Ali Vazirian introduced the term into poster design, noting the similarities between calligraphy and typography in composing letters and words, and founded the 1.Annual of Typography Poster as Asma-ul Husna. I had the pleasure to participate as a member of the international jury in the 5. edition of the competition in August 2009 at the Tehran Contemporary Museum of Art and present some impressions in the web pages below:

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