WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - International exhibition of young poster designers in Tehran

This web exhibition accompanies a recent exhibition of 11 international and iranian young graphic designers in Tehran. Text and pictures, and a catalogue, were kindly provided by Sam Keshmiri and Milad Shokouhi.

Instead of an introduction

Group poster exhibition by name of Ink ( morakab) opened in August 22 at Laleh Gallery in Tehran and will continue till August 27, 2009. This exhibition includes posters of Narges Abbaszadeh (Iran), Kourosh Beigpour (Iran), Sam Keshmiri (Iran), Saeed Malek (Iran), Hamid Nik khah (Iran), Maryam Parvaneh (Iran) , Shahab Tondar (Iran), Lauren Rowling (USA), Teresa Sdralevich (Belgium), Aurelie Vitoux (France) and Daniel Wiesmann (Germany). A catalogue of this exhibition is published by Nashr-e-shar Publishing. Ink exhibition will appear in other countries as well.

The book is composed of individuals that have little presence in our huge world but they have created a variety of works with the blackness of ink and each work reminds it's own contemporary point of view.

These images glow from different parts of the world and it doesn't matter where they come from, they are printed on paper, are shown on walls or monitors, the aim is to be registered and the aim of registration is to be effective and inspiring, doesn't matter it's a molecule or the great world!

See more pictures from the opening in Rang Magazine.

Exhibition poster by Saeed Malek

Aurelie Vitoux
b. 1981, France

Daniel Wiesmann
b. 1978, Ludwigsburg, Germany

Hamid Nik Khah
b. 1981, Marivan, Kordestan

Kourosh Beigpour
b. 1980, Kermanshah, Iran

Lauren Rolwing
b. 1984, Knoxville TN, USA

Maryam Parvane
b. 1983, Tehran, Iran

Narges Abaszadeh
b. 1984, Tehran, Iran

Saeed Malek
b. 1982, Tehran, Iran

Sam Keshmiri
b. 1986, Tehran, Iran

Shahab Tondar
b. 1987, Kerman, Iran

Teresa Sdralevich
b. 1969, Milan, Italy

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