WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Poster exhibition "Watch out! A4B1" in Gliwice (PL)

Watch out! A4B1*

Cultural and social posters exhibition by teachers and students from the Institute of Art in Cieszyn of Silesian University in Katowice
during the 5. International Festival Jazz in the Ruins 2009, Gliwice

Authors of posters:
Jozef Holard, Artur Starczewski, Ryszard Pielesz, Marek Glowacki, Piotr Grabowski, Tomasz Jedrzejko, Tomasz Kipka, Lukasz Klis, Sebastian Kubica, Stefan Lechwar, Pawel Synowiec, Marcin Urbanczyk, Iwona Cichy, Ilona Polis, Marta Szudyga, Hubert Tereszkiewicz, Anna Witkowicz, Izabela Zeranska.

*) A4B1. Sources of ‘the virus’ can be found in Cieszyn, near Bielska 62 Street (Art Institute of Silesian University). Unlike other viruses with letter/number names, this one is friendly! Those infected take an instant liking to the form of communication called poster.

Where: Theater Ruins in Gliwice, Aleja Przyjazni 18, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland
When:  Exposition open from 31 July to 21 August 2009, 10 am - 8 pm (on the day of the concert - until the end of the event).

Free entrance

Text and pictures of this web exhibition were kindly provided by Tomasz Kipka.

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