WEB POSTER EXHIBITION    Read! Student posters from Sophia Shih's class

Exhibition poster by Sophia Shih

Sophia Shih, Professor at National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei, organized a "City Reading Poster Design Exhibition" to encourage people to read, with posters from her class. The traveling exhibition will start at Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall in Taipei, from 2009.05.07 - 2009.05.24, and then travel to 8 other cities in Taiwan.

The skyscraper that you see in some poster is called the "101", the world's tallest building, and a symbol of Taipei.

Sophia Shih Ling-hung

The exhibition

The class

Wang Bing-Nan

Lin Cheng-Ta

Guo Chia-Chi

Lee Chia-Heng

Lai Chien-Fu

Chen Chih-Ting

Yang Jing-Fang

Huang Kuo-Yu

Jhuo Sheng-Tang

Liu Shiau-Jiun

Chen Siao-Ying

Chen Te-His

Chang Ya-Ting, Tracy

Wang Yi-Wen

Wu Jia-Chi

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