WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Theater posters for plays by Harold Pinter

The plays by Harold Pinter, the famous english playwright who died on December 24, 2008, have inspired some remarkable theater posters:

1968, Hubert Hilscher (The caretaker)

1970, Franciszek Starowieyski (The lover)

1973, Ebrahim Haghighi (The collection)

1992, Liudmil Chekhlarov (The lover)

1998, Eugeniusz Get Stankiewicz (The lover)

c. 1998, Stefan Despodov (The lover)

1983, Mieczyslaw Gorowski (Old times)

1997, Lech Majewski (Other places)

2009, Siamak Pourjabar (A slight ache)

2009, Siamak Pourjabar (The birthday party)

2009, Siamak Pourjabar (The caretaker)

2009, Siamak Pourjabar (The collection)

2009, Siamak Pourjabar (The dumb waiter)

2009, Siamak Pourjabar (The room)

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