WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Posters in memory of Ardeshir Mohassess

Famous iranian cartoonist Ardeshir Mohasses died in exile in New York on October 9, 2008.

In his memory, a group of iranian graphic designers calling themselves "Cafe notes" printed and posted a series of posters. Milad Shokouhi wrote me about their first project:

For the 40th day of Mr. Ardeshir Mohassess death, a graphical memorial was established in his hometown Lahijan, close to Rasht on the Caspian Sea.

This exhibition consisted of 8 posters printed by silk screen method and distributed all over the city which received positive reviews from people of the city. The exhibition was managed and performed by “cafe notes” and “100 x 70 group” and posters were designed by : Milad Shokouhi, Mohammad Khodashenas, Mahdi Kaffash, Babak Golshahi, Arash Soufi, Foad Sharifi, Farzad Baghayi, and Masoud Najafi.

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