WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Golden Bee 2008 impressions

The following pictures are impressions from the opening and the making of Golden Bee 8, Moscow International Biennial of Graphic Design 2008, and were kindly provided by Sergei Serov, President of the Biennial. Please see Delicious for more details about the Golden Bee poster competitions.

The exhibition

Katerina Terekhova, student, and Sergei Serov

Futuristic performance, Alexander Lartsev

Futuristic performance, Eugeny Dobrovinskii

The jury at work

The votes on Remo Caminada's poster

Serov, Reisinger, Vignelli, Woodtli


Vignelli, Sonnoli, Woodtli

Vignelli, Woodtli

Natalii Rifai, translator, Gulitov, Woodtli

Woodtli, Vignelli

Serov, Gulitov, Reisinger, Vignelli, Leonova Nastiya, Secretary of Golden Bee

Boom, Woodtli, Sonnoli



Golden Bee 8 Identity by Anna Naumova, Ostengruppe

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