WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Pictures from Yossi Lemel's exhibition in Poznan (PL)

The following pictures are impressions from the opening and the making of Yossi Lemel's recent exhibition "My sweetheart" at the National Museum in Poznan, Poland, and were kindly provided by Barbara Bogucka. Please see the News for more details about the exhibition.

Yossi Lemel among the curators of the Poznan poster collection (left to right) Irena Przymus, Barbara Bogucka and Anna Grabowska-Konvent.

The jewish fiddler Yair Dalal (a composer, violinist, oud player and singer, probably the most prolific and influential musician of the Israeli ethno music scene ) to which Lemel alludes in his exhibition poster.

The exhibition consists of two parts, one with Lemel's recent posters, on the walls of the exhibition hall,

and the other in the center with 12 poster-photographs, about his polish mother Batya Lemel, a sequence to the earlier exhibition about his father, shown in the former concentration camp Oranienburg in 2005.

Sara Lemel with her children Jonathan and Noa

Yossi's daughter Noa, the narrator of the "Sweetheart" story. Little Jonathan on the floor was the subject of Yossi's New Years Greeting

Yossi Lemel sent me two additional pictures:

"Another work- regenerazja (in polish regeneration). On the left my father and his family( in his house in Bedzin, Poland) that was transported to Auschwitz. He survived and on the right a mirror photo , together with me and his 4 grandchildren ( in his house in Jerusalem)."

"Noa Lemel on the exhibition poster, and in front of it in Poznan, the whole city was filled with those."

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