WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Brad Tzou from Taiwan

Brad Tzou (鄒家豪 Tzou Jiao Hao ) is a graphic designer from Taiwan, whose brilliant work has recently surfaced in several international poster competitions (AntiAIDS Ukraine 2007, Ten Images for Ithaca 2007, Hong Kong Poster Triennial 2007), and won him a Judges's Special Award at the Taiwan International Poster Design Award 2006. In addition, he received numerous awards for his commercial work, and has written several textbooks on various graphic design topics, see the web site of his studio Human Paradise for more details. I admire his masterfull use of the modern tools available in graphic design now.

Brad recently sent me the posters below, together with his comments.

Reading - It's not just TALK.
Reading - It's not just LOOK.

It's not just TALK, It's not just LOOK.
Reading, go through your heart.
(Considering Braille as a visual language in contrast to the indifference & towards reading.)

Vive la vitality

The male and female characters are created with a fluid and harmonious shape as if playing joyously; jumping and reaching for the sky. The colors, bright and vibrant, beam with happiness and well being. The titte, Vive la vitality, was chosen to celebrate and embrace the benefits of an active lifestyle. The French expression vive expresses more than just long live... it is about embracing and immersing oneself with a life long commitment and in this case to vitality.

light shadow- stair
light shadow- building

what we have in this city
everyday is same, also different
the steps across buildings and stairs
what do you have in mind?

  Native Language

The Chinese character for mother, 母, is a key element. The blue brush stroke represents the masculine and blue the female which lay side by side as if embracing. The yellow stroke in the middle is like a child, cradled between two nurturing parents. It is in the womb that we first experience language. Like so many women before her, a young first time expecting mother begins to pass along the tradition of language.

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