WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Greek designers illustrate 24 Quotes about design

This web exhibition accompanies a current exhibition in Athens, Greece. The following text and pictures were kindly provided by Dimitris Arvanitis.

24 Quotes about Design
Poster exhibition by Greek Designers Association

The Greek Designers Association organizes on 1-10 February 2008 a poster exhibition on the theme: "24 Greek Graphic Designers make posters on 24 quotes by famous typographers, artists and theorists as Massimo Vignelli, Paul Rand, Juan Ramon Jimenez, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Maurits Escher, Steven Jobs, Marshall McLuhan..."

There was a web exhibition at first, for the site www.hegrade.gr under the direction of Angelos Bakas, who run the project for the 3rd World Congress of Typography and Optical Communication, on June 2007, in Thessalonica.

Arvanitis, Dimitris
Massimo Vignelli

Vlaxou, Eirini
Bertrand Russell

Voyrlidas, Giorgos
Marshall McLuhan

Gerasidis, Manolis

Zampouridis, Dimitris

Ignatiadou, Xristina
Pablo Picasso

Kalogirou, Kostas
Charles Mingus

Karvounarh, Vetti
Mac Baumwell

Kopanidou, Alexandra
Josef Albers

Kouroupis, Nasos
Ts'ai Ken T'an

Koutsmanis, Nikos
Paul Rand

Kiratzoglou, Nasos
Salvador Dali

Kiriakou, Eletheria
G.W. Ovink

Livanis, Dionisis
Victor Papanek

Mitsiopoulos, Vasilis
Friedrich Friedl

Moustakas, Nikos
Maurits Escher

Mpakas, Agelos
Juan Ramon Jimenez

Noutsias, Stefanos
Susan Sontag

Savidis, Hristos
Hartmut Esslinger

Tilegrafos, Nikos
Scott Adams

Triantafillakos, Giorgos
Bruce Feirstein

Tsoleridis, Hristos
Steven Jobs

Filoxenidou, Foteini
Paula Scher

Pseftogas, Stelios & Maria
Francis Meynell

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