WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - "Fair or Fake" exhibition in The Hague, Netherlands

This web poster exhibition accompanies a current exhibition in The Hague. Text and pictures were kindly provided by Wendy Low, curator of the exhibition.

Exhibition poster

"Schoon of Schijn" in de Affiche Galerij (the Poster Gallery) in The Hague, the Netherlands

The foundation Schoon of Schijn (Fair or Fake) was established in 2007 by graphic designer Gert Dumbar, Barlock vormgevers and Theater Zeebelt. Its primary mission is to promote innovative and dynamic graphic design from the Netherlands, focussing on design made in The Hague. The first event takes place in the autumn of 2007; a poster exhibition, attendant publication and a designers'cabaret performance.

You may ask yourself, what does it mean, "Fair or Fake"? For us, in Dutch, it means that we ask ourselves, what is real (fair) and what is hot air (fake).

Designers are almost always given the asignment to create an image, a united front that looks really good, even though behind the fašade, things are a big mess (for instance in a hostile take-over situation). In dutch Fair or Fake is translated as "Schoon of Schijn", or 'SoS' and the logo of the foundation is a golden pig.

Graphic designers who live or work in the city of The Hague were invited to design a poster on the theme "Schoon of Schijn". For once graphic designers were given the opportunity to give form to their own view, instead of visualising other people.

62 designers responded to the call to let themselves become inspired by the subject. The extraordinary results are on display in De Affiche Galerij (the Poster Gallery) in the tramtunnel in The Hague, The Netherlands, from September 28 to November 12, 2007.

Pieter Pijlman

Anne Treichel

Bert Meijer

Sandra Christe

Ilse van Marrewijk and Aart Prins

Marjon Stark and Judith Haagh

Sybren Kuiper

Karin Langeveld and Cuby Gerrards

Ivo van Kessel and Martijn Overbruggen

Pim Nap

Bau Winkel

Carrie Zwarts

Chromosoom, Marlis Zimmerman

Victor de Leeuw

Dik.nu, Dik Visser

Gert Dumbar

Emergency Response Unit, Marc Fabels

Vorm Vijf, Niek de Bruijn

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