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Photo R. Wanner
Wojciech Korkuc
Wojtek Korkuc KOREK
Born in 1967 in Minsk Mazowiecki, in Poland.
He graduated in 1993 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Department of Graphics, M. Wasilewski Poster Design Studio.
In 1996 he founded Korek Studio where he designs posters, creates visual identity and press illustrations.
His works have been published in several magazines worldwide and he has received numerous awards from “European Design Annual”, “Print” magazine or Creativity Annual Awards competition.
He received the main prize in Vidical’98 – International Calendar Competition.
He won “New Moment” Special Award in Kreatura 1999 advertisment competition.
He was the winner of Judge’s Special Award at the 2006 Taiwan International Poster Design Award.
His works were exhibited in numerous solo shows as well as many group shows in Poland and abroad.

2005, proGRAm partii (Party Pla(y)tform [are you being played?])

2005, Odziez Wszechpolska (All-Polish DreSS [new collection after the election], hint at All-Polish Youth’s ultra-nationalist tendencies)

2005, Jestes wredna, brzydka i leniwa zostan feministka (Are you mean, ugly and lazy? Become a feminist! or go see your doctor)

2005, Sztuka Ulicy 2005 2005 (Street Art 2005, International Street Theatre Festival)

2005, KLATA Fest (KLATA Fest. (Retrospective of plays directed by Jan Klata / "klata" is also a Polish colloquial word for "torso")

2005, Festiwal Na Skrzyzowaniu Kultur (Cultural Crossroads Festival)

2005, Wojciech Korkuc KOREKSTUDIO

2005, Wystawa Filmowy Palac (Movie Palace Exhibition)

2005, Macy Gray (2. version)

2005, Dydo Poster Collection

2006, Dzien Ziemi 2006 (Earth Day 2006)

2006, Sztuka Ulicy 2006 (Street Art 2006, International Street Theatre Festival)

2006, DeHa’06 - Dzien Himilsbacha (Jan Himilsbach was a cult Polish actor)

2006, Caly Nasz - wystawa fotografii (All Ours – photo exhibition of John Paul II)

2006, Mlodzi i Film 2006 (Youth and Movies 2006)

2006, 5 Festival Dialogu Czterech Kultur (The fifth Dialogue of Four Cultures Festival)

2006, Ofensiva ‘06 (2006, Ofensiva ‘06, International Movies Festival)


2006, Nienormalny - monodram, Michala Kowalskiego (Abnormal – Michal Kowalski monodrama)

2006, ...z pewna dezynwoltura Wystawa Konrada Wieniawy-Narkiewicza (... with a certain desinvolture. Painting exhibition of Konrad Wieniawa-Narkiewicz)

2006, Express EC47 - festiwal teatralny (2006, Express EC47 - Theatre Festival)

2006, Czy Bog chodzi do teatru? (Does God go to the theatre?)

2006, Dzien Papieski (Day of the Pope)

2006, Cialo i Teatralnosc - cykl wykladow (2006, Body and theatricality – lectures)

2007, Dzien Ziemi 2007 (Earth Day 2007)

2007, Neil LaBute - Gruba Swinia (Neil LaBute – Fat Pig)

2007, Sztuka Ulicy 2007 (Street Art 2007, International Street Theatre Festival

2007, Rzeczpospolita Norwidowska (Norwid Commonwealth (C. K. Norwid was famous Polish 19th century poet))

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