WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - European posters in Athens

The following web exhibition accompanies the current exhibition Mapping (Europe) at the Melina Exhibition Center in Athens, Greece, from May 9 - 25, 2007, on the occasion of the European Design Awards. Text and pictures were kindly provided by Dimitris Arvanitis.

Borders made of wars
Art direction/copywriter: Giannis G. Natsikas

Designer: Vasilis Papadopoulos

Sister Europe
Photography: Olaf Blecker

United States of Europe?
Designer: Dimitris Drakatos

Mapping (Europe): poster exhibition on borders, limits and graphic design

Apeiron Photos and Corbis organise a poster exhibition to celebrate the first ED Awards.

The idea for an exhibition and subsequent publication dealing with the representation of the map of Europe and the limits and borders of graphic design, was born on the occasion of the organization of the first European Design Awards and European Design Conference held in Athens this year. The campaign for the communication of these paramount events, used the image of a European map made of pixels.

This sort of representation of the European map raises various questions, especially in the context of the ED Awards: What do we mean, understand and communicate by the term 'European'? How does graphic design map and is being mapped out, what are its borders and limit(ation)s? What are the messages graphic designers are interested in encoding visually and how can the semiology of the two-dimensional surface of a poster function as an expressive 'map'?

In "Mapping (Europe)"one can look at various ways through which all these issues are approached by exquisite graphic designers and even more, face the new and at times unexpected questions they raise. The works represent and comment on visual conventions, cultural, social and political norms, structures of power, as well as on the very notion of symbolization as exemplified in the field visual communication.

Participants: 3 in a box, Adel Saatchi & Saatchi, Ashley & Holmes, Attp, BBDO Athens, Beetroot, Company, Designers United, Designpark, Dolphins, Echo, Eggandspoon, Espresso Studio/ Dimitris Arvanitis, g, Garamond Design, JWT/ Spot Thompson, K2design, Karamella, Lineadesign, McCann Erickson, MNP, Mousegraphics, ODD Company, Office Communication Consultants, Poor Designers, Radial, RMG Connect, The Design Shop, The Switch Design Agency, Tribe, Warda, George Vavylousakis, Konstantinos Vavylousakis, Dimitris Gazis, Kapani graphix, Oxy/ Paris Koutsikos, Pi6, Fotis Pehlivanidis, George Triantafyllakos

All delegates of the ED Conference are invited to the opening party of the exhition on 9th May, at 21:00 at Melina exhibition center (66 Irakleidon & Thessalonikis, Thisseion)

Organization: Apeiron Photos, Corbis
The catalog of the exhibit can be purchased from Apeiron Photos

Contact details:
HYPERLINK mailto:Info@apeiron.gr Info@apeiron.gr
(+30) 210 600 79 25

E.U. Go Home
Designer: Minos Zarifopoulos

Poverty population

On-line we trust

Map of Europe
Designer: Dimitris Arvanitis

Bored of borders
Creative Directors: Francis Banner, Antonis Stavropoulos

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