WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Posters about the homeless from NTE

Paris and it's suburbs counts several thousand people without a home.
The charitable association Emmaus and the Institut de sondage BVA have now collected for the first time their opinions and expectations about emergency accomodation and resettlement. The french graphic design group Nous travaillons ensemble have made a series of posters about their replies, for which they received the 2006 prize of the competition Ideas that matter, sponsored by the global paper company Sappi.

Beyond cliches

State handouts?
93% of the homeless are willing to contribute to get a home.

Smooth talkers?
60% of the homeless say that the social workers do more for them than their families or friends.

1 out of 3 homeless persons works, and 1 out of 2 tries to get out of this situation.

55% of the homeless think that the wellfare centers have to be downtown.

65% of the homeless think that the governement has to pay for emergency accomodation.

70% of the homeless would like to have a home, and 82% think they find one in the next five years.

85% of the homeless want to live somewhere.

Almost 1 out of 2 homeless persons has spent at least a day without eating.

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