WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Turkish posters in Zuerich

Invitation card for the exhibition, based on part of a poster by Bulent Erkmen

The exhibition Afisler - contemporary posters from Turkey that runs at the Museum fuer Gestaltung in Zuerich from September 21 to December 20, 1999, offers a rare glimpse into a world unknown to most of us.

This obscurity is surprising in view of the high international reputation of some turkish designers like Yurdaer Altintas, or Bulent Erkmen, who speaks at the coming AGI Seminar in Zuerich and received the bronze medal at last years International Poster Biennale in Warsaw. Also the turkish society of graphic designers Grafikerler Meslek Kurulusu plays a very active role and organizes, for example, a yearly graphic design competition in Istanbul where it awards the Ihap Hulusi prize. By the way, Ihap Hulusi, well known for his travel posters, and one of the earliest turkish graphic designers, was a student of Ludwig Hohlwein.

7 kb
Savas Cekic, 1992
Read, read!
Client: Istanbul City Administration
7 kb
Yurdaer Altintas, 1999
In memoriam Alfred Hitchcock
Client: International Film Festival Istanbul

7 kb
Ugurcan Ataoglu, 1997
The best
Poster for the best book designs
7 kb
Bulent Erkmen, 1991
Exhibition poster, B, 8 artists, 8 works
Client: Kunstsalon AKM, Istanbul
7 kb
Savas Cekic, 1996
Theater poster for the play Ayyy...Hitler
Client: Theater Bakirkoy, Istanbul

9 kb
Ahmet Naci Firat, 1996
Hold your breath, you will soon need it
Client: Cumhuriyet newspaper
14 kb
Savas Cekic, 1998
Bergama must not become Simmitville
Client: Sel Publishing House, Istanbul
13 kb
Ahmet Naci Firat, 1998
18th exhibition of graphic works
Client: Association of Graphic Designers GMK

11 kb
Bulent Erkmen, 1995
Exhibition poster
11 kb
Bulent Erkmen, 1995
Client: The International Prison Watch

The exhibition, with 64 posters on display, was organized by Bettina Richter and Kurt Thaler from the museum staff, both longtime Turkey fans. It is open from Tuesday to Friday 1300 - 1630. There is no catalogue but a leaflet with an excellent short introduction to turkish posters, and a list of the exhibits with designers, dates, and translation of titles. Three catalogues from other turkish poster exhibitions are on sale.

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Bettina Richter, Kurt Thaler
exhibition organizers
11 kb
Felix Studinka
curator of the poster collection
11 kb
Karl Wobmann,
former curator 1972 -1990

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