WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Theater posters by Ebrahim Haghighi, Tehran

Theater Poster Exhibition of Ebrahim Haghighi
June 23 – 3 July, 2006
Vijeh Gallery, Tehran, Iran

The following text by Amrollah Farhadi, secretary of 9th Tehran Biennial and director of Vije Gallery
was translated by Majid Abbasi who also provided the pictures.

Ebrahim Haghighi was born in 1959. He is a member of the AGI, one of the founders and a member of the Iranian Graphic Designers Society (IGDS), member of the Chilldern’s Books Illustrators Society and member of the Iran’s Documentary Film Makers Society. He has started graphic design in different fields since 1968 and he has been one of the most active Iranian professional graphic designers so far.

A comprehensive review of 38 relentless years of work and creativity in different fields of the graphic design from teaching at universities to having one man show and group exhibitions, being as a member of jury, art direction, designing and writing books, films, title sequences as well as designing scenes, costume and lighting can be found and studied in his books.

This is the first opportunity in which 45 posters from Ebrahim Haghighi’s remarkable and unique theater poster collection are shown altogether along with a catalog, printed especially for the exhibition.

Ebrahim Haghighi is undoubtedly the only Iranian graphic designer who continuously worked on the subject of theater and therefore made such a unique collection.

He himself says: “I earned nothing for many of these works because their clients (directors and protagonists) were running unprofessional plays, of course they later became professionals. Older works from this collection were silk-screen prints following by the newer ones which were offset, mostly in 50x70 and 100x70 cm sizes. Apart from the above mentioned posters; there were 6 more posters but unfortunately none is available, even one copy!”

Aydin Aghdashloo in the introduction of the catalog of the exhibition has written:
"I did not know that Ebrahim Haghighi had so many posters for theater till I saw the pictures of this collection. Just then I found out what a professional graphic designer can see and how they can improve their visual world of their time calmly and patiently."

1977, Long Play, M. Radin

1971, Rhinoceros, Bertold Brecht

1972, Garden of Cherries, Anton Chekhov

1973, Six Characters in Search of the Author, L. Pirandello

1973, Tiger, Harold Pinter

1975, Exception and the Rule, Bertold Brecht

1975, Meeting the Elderly Lady, F.Duerrenmatt

1975, Thousand Tales

1976, Lady Butterfly, Bijan Mofid

1977, Lady Butterfly, Bijan Mofid

1990, The Seven Ordeals of Rustam

2000, Sauvashon, S. Daneshvar

2001, The Mecca of the World, A. Radi

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