WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - A visit to the Remingtons in Basel, Switzerland

We all met at the Day of Typography on December 10, 2005, in Basel, Switzerland, a day of lectures organized by Comedia, the swiss media union. Megi Zumstein, Yang Liu, Barbara Hahn and Christine Zimmermann gave talks on graphic design topics under the title "transcription".

After the event, Wolfgang Weingart took us for a studio tour to The Remingtons, and Ludovic Balland, a book designer and typographer, showed us some of their posters.

In my favorite one, at left, they attached a distinct round object to each of the letters of the alphabet, creating an interesting pattern parallel to the text. All the posters shown here are for local music groups, and with this method it would be very easy to create further posters for a group with different text, automatically keeping a kind of coporate identity. Also the idea can of course be extended to other objects, colors and so on, as two examples show below. Ludovic Balland holds the copyright on the idea and the posters on this page.

Grafik Design: The Remingtons, Ludovic Balland and Jonas Voegeli
Type Design: The Remingtons, ©Ludovic Balland
Baerenfelserstrasse 19
4057 Basel, Switzerland
ludovic@theremingtons.ch, theremingtons.ch
Mobile +41 (0)78 836 06 22

In another experiment, the letters are attached to knobs with various positions

or heads that are rotated slightly from A to Z.

Yang Liu and Melk Imboden

Barbara Hahn, Christine Zimmermann, Yang Liu, Megi Zumstein

The men in red are Ludovic Balland, Wolfgang Weingart and Lenin, drawn by Vladimir Sachkov

Ludovic Balland

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