This web exhibition accompanies the recent exhibition Danish Depression by the group KLC ( Keep Life Complicated), consisting of Claus Rohland and Jan Egesborg, at the Kunstindustrimuseet in Copenhagen, Denmark, from October 6 till November 6, 2005. The group gained international attention in September 2005 when they had 1000 anti-war posters distributed in Baghdad by a local assistant.

The following pictures were kindly provided by Hanne Horsfeld, Librarian at the Kunstindustrimuseet, who also gave me a short introduction to the disturbing and cynical pictures :

Rohland & Egesborg's posters for the exhibition Danish Depression attack the way the Danes see themselves and our good reputation abroad as tolerant, friendly, openminded, happy etc... people. They have made 20 posters for the exhibition.

The word Hygge, appearing on all posters, is a Danish thing - related to cosiness, Gemuetlichkeit. You can read more about it on www.visitdenmark.com - a rather awful text, The warm light of winter, which provoked Jan and Claus to make this slogan. They turn Hygge on its head: point at all the Uhygge (unheimliche) underneath the surface.

Here is part of that text
Hygge… all Danes know what it is, but all the same find it difficult to convey to foreigners.
Hygge is lighting a welcoming candle when visitors arrive or meeting friends or colleagues in a candlelit café. It is cuddling up on the couch on a winter’s eve wrapped in a woollen blanket with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate, or lighting up the stove and spending the evening with the family watching a good movie and eating sweets. ... Hygge is the smell of home baked cookies in the oven and wrapping Christmas trees on the front lawn with seasonal decorative lights. Hygge is about bringing light to the darkness and warmth to the cold.

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