WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - 2. Bienal de Afiches "Bogota Internacional"

This web exhibition accompanies a current exhibition in front of the Camara de Comercio de Bogota, Colombia, showing the 50 finalists of the 2. Bienal de Afiches.

The theme of the competition, in which 431 posters were submitted, was "Bogota Internacional". Please see the Call for entries for more details, and the list of winners.

The pictures were kindly provided by .


Ruben Dario Rojas
1. Prize Professionals

Miguel Fernando Otalora
1. Prize Students

Rafael de Jesus Alcala
2. Prize Students

Bogota is situated on a high plane (2640 meters closer to the stars as the locals proudly claim), at the foot of the mountains Montserat and Guadalupe, both decorated with a church. This natural city logo is seen on many posters, including the winning one.

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