WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - KANJERS - immediately recognizable posters

This web exhibition accompanies the current exhibition KANJERS (Whoppers) at the Dutch Poster Museum in Hoorn, The Netherlands, from Dec 17, 2004 - March 27, 2005. The following text and the reproductions were kindly provided by Frans van Lier, curator of the exhibition.

Till March 6, 2005, the Affichemuseum in Hoorn shows KANJERS (Whoppers): a spectacular choice from its own collection. Immediate recognizability of the message was a criterium for selection.

Fine pieces are shown from Dutch designers (Beeke, Crouwel, Dumbar, Elffers, Escher, Hartingsveldt, Reitsma, Wijnberg among many others) but also from Polish (Czerniawski, Swierczy), German, French (Grapus) and English artists.

A rare piece is the florishing art nouveau-poster for the French chansonniere Camille Roman by Georges de Feure from 1893.

Without one poster of its own the Affichemuseum opened in may 2003. Now the collection exceeds 10.000 posters, all from generous donations by theatres, designers, collectionners, museums, printers, advertisers, advertising agencies and others. Mainly the collection exists of cultural posters (theater, festivals, music) but the exhibition shows also political, commercial, satirical and protest posters.

1893, Georges de Feure, Camille Roman (music poster)

1949, Dick Elffers, Expressionisme (exhibition poster)

1958, Nicolaas Wijnberg, Dantons dood (theater poster)

1976, Gielijn Escher, Festival of fools (theater poster)

1970s, Anon. Russia, Puss in Boots (childrens theater poster)

1987, Jerzy Czerniawski, Pan Jowialski (theater poster)

2004, Lex Reitsma, Iolanta (theater poster)

2004, Jochem Oor, Kanjers (exhibition poster)

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