WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Posters between friends

An exhibition at the Dansk Plakatmuseum, Aarhus, Denmark

The danish poster designer Finn Nygaard recently mailed me some pictures from a poster exhibition he initiated at the Dansk Plakatmuseum in Aarhus, and we decided to share them with the visitors of Rene Wanner's Poster Page. The exhibition closed on Dec.17, 1998.

Nygaard invited his poster friends Seymour Chwast, Alan Fletcher, Shigeo Fukuda and Waldemar Swierzy to show some of their poster work. All of them are members of the prestigious Agence Graphique Internationale AGI, and still design their posters without a computer, as Nygaard points out in the exhibition catalogue.

Find out who is who and did what by clicking on a picture in the group photo below!

Or maybe you recognize the designers by their selfportrait? Test your knowledge!

Amaze your friends by predicting who made the posters below before you click...

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