WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Mieczyslaw Wasilewski

The idea to show posters of the polish graphic designer Mieczyslaw Wasilewski in the Internet arose spontaneously at a party in Warsaw where I met him by chance. I had admired his posters for a long time and because many of them are black and white, I thought it would be technically easy to put them into the web. Also he had just finished a kind of summary of his work in form of a poster, showing small reproductions of 100 posters, magazine covers and drawings, so the material was ready to be scanned in. Wasilewski also quickly selected his twelve favorite works, and that is what I planned to show.

However, when I started to assemble the exhibition and began to browse through my own collection and through the publications on his work, I found more and more of his posters, and began to discover things in them that had escaped me till now, and I became quite excited and that's why it is now much bigger than I ever intended. But please take the trip through Wasilewski's poster world yourself !

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