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News: Graphic Trial 2017 poster exhibition in Tokyo
received from Jianping He

Exhibition flyer designed by Masayoshi Nakajo
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Graphic Trial 2017 - Fusion
Exhibition of posters by
Masayoshi Nakajo, Jianping He, Yuni Yoshida and Shohei Sawada

2017.07.01 - 2017.09.18
Opening reception June 30th (Friday) at 7 pm.

P & P Gallery, Printing Museum of Tokyo
1-3-3 Suido, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8531, Toppan Koishikawa Bldg.

Furthermore, on the following day (July 1st) there will be a Talk Event with the participating designers and a lecture given by the renowned German design historian Dr. René Grohnert, and you are also cordially invited.

This year marks the 12th Graphic Trial exhibition and it features works by Masayoshi Nakajo, Yuni Yoshida, Shohei Sawada and me. Collaborating with them in using offset printing to push the limits of artistic expression were the printing directors at Toppan Printing.

Each participating creator had to produce five poster works following the thematic guidelines of Graphic Trial 2017. This year's theme is "Fusion" – the uniting or merging of different elements into new forms. Printing, in essence, is a fusion technology. By fusing knowledge and techniques, printers have evolved inks, papers and plates to expand the domains of communication. Eminent creators and Toppan printing directors have fused their sensibilities, wisdom, ideas and techniques to produce innovative dimensions of expression.

I would be glad to welcome you as guests.

Jianping He

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