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News: Program of the 2. Plakatfest in Chorzow, Poland
received from Natalia Dydo

Festival poster by Ryszard Kaja

17th May - 30th June
Chorzow, Poland

17th May
Galeria Antresola, ChCK
17.30 Grand opening of 2nd edition of Festival PlakatFest
18.00 Lennie Boycott concert

18th May
Kino Grajfka, ChCK
13.00-15.00 Meeting with Piotr Dumala and presentation of the artist's work
Galeria w Bramie, ChCK
15.00 Opening of poster exhibition from the collection of Pigasus Poster Gallery from Berlin

19th May
Miejska Galeria Sztuki MM
11.00-14.00 Conference panel

23rd June
Galeria w Bramie, ChCK
15.30 Opening of poster exhibition Hajcujemy

26th June
Miejska Galeria Sztuki MM
15.00-17.00 Artistic meetings from the world. Guests will be:
prof. Aleksandra Giza - Illinois University, USA
Eric Olivares Lira - Mexico

27th June
Galeria Antresola
17.30 Eric Olivares Lira - opening of poster exhibition
18.00 Garden Noise concert

Chorzowskie Centrum Kultury (ChCK)
ul. Sienkiewicza 3
41-500 Chorzow, Poland

Call for entries

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