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News: Exhibition of Polish poster design from Poznan, Poland, in Shenzhen, China
received from Szymon Szymankiewicz

Exhibition poster by Chen Pingbbo using the red exhibition logo designed by Szymon Szymankiewicz

The Culture of the Poster - Polish Poster Design from Poznan

12th May 20th May 2017
Opening: 12th May, 3:30 pm
Excellence Century Center Gallery
Excellence Century Center, 2nd floor, Tower One,
No.2030 Jintian Rd., Shenzhen, China

The exhibition presents the works of three generations of poster designers associated with the University of the Arts in Poznan (100 posters, 15 artists). Each of them has achieved considerable successes in graphic design: national and international awards, individual and collective exhibitions and numerous publications. Miroslaw Adamczyk, Eugeniusz Skorwider and Grzegorz Marszalek represent the most experienced and most often awarded group of mature artists. The group of middle-aged artists who have already won international accolades includes Marcin Markowski, Szymon Szymankiewicz, Max Skorwider, Michal Tatarkiewicz, Agata Kulczyk and Wojciech Janicki. The youngest, but also award-winning artists in this circle are Grzegorz Mycka, Bartosz Mamak, Dominika Czerniak, Bartosz Choryan, Piotr Marzol and Adrian Kurpisz. The aforementioned designers regularly participate in the most recognizable poster exhibitions, contests, festivals, biennials and triennials, such as the Hong Kong International Poster Triennial and the Taiwan International Poster Design Award.

The special value of this exhibition is that it presents the works of all these artists that have never before been put together on one show. The exhibition offers a unique opportunity to see the specific features of poster design from the capital of the Wielkopolska region. It is a unique combination of various styles and conceptions. These posters are manifestations of a brief and accurate approach to graphic signs and an excellent sense of relationship between the content (information) and form. Each of the works presented at the exhibition has been already recognized by the juries of prestigious international graphic design competitions.

The exhibition has been organized in cooperation with many entities. The collaboration of the University of the Arts in Poznan and the International Poster Festival in Shenzhen has been of crucial importance for the project. The partnership agreement between the two cities Poznan and Shenzhen has also played an important role here. The cities have been working together for more than 20 years, primarily in the economic field. The first official partnership agreement was signed between them on 30 July 1993.

Artists participating in the exhibition:
Miroslaw Adamczyk, Eugeniusz Skorwider, Grzegorz Marszalek, Marcin Markowski, Szymon Szymankiewicz, Max Skorwider, Michal Tatarkiewicz, Agata Kulczyk, Wojciech Janicki, Grzegorz Mycka, Bartosz Mamak, Dominika Czerniak, Bartosz Choryan, Piotr Marzol, Adrian Kurpisz.

Curators: Mateusz Bieczynski, Pingbo Chen
Coordinators: Agnieszka Mori, Jane Huang
Executive Director of the Project: Szymon Szymankiewicz

Miroslaw Adamczyk

Eugeniusz Skorwider

Grzegorz Marszalek

Szymon Szymankiewicz

Marcin Markowski

Max Skorwider

Agata Kulczyk

Wojciech Janicki

Michal Tatarkiewicz

Grzegorz Mycka

Bartosz Mamak

Bartosz Choryan

Adrian Kurpisz

Piotr Marzol

Dominika Czerniak

Marcin Markowski

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