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News: Skopje Poster Festival exhibition in Kaunas, Lithuania

Exhibition poster
Finalist Exhibition
9. "Skopje Poster Festival" International student poster contest "IDENTITY CRISIS" 2016

May 1 - May 7, 2017

Laisves Ave. 55
Kaunas, Lithuania

During the lithuanian design week Dizaino Savaite, the Vilnius Art Academy in Kaunas presents the finalist of last years Skopje student poster competition, organized by Macedonian Designers Association "PLAKART".

The topic of the poster competition addresses one of the cornerstone feelings of the person, the feeling that turns a human being into a person the inner feeling of his own identity. No one can experience it the same way, but many factors can influence or even disrupt it from outside. A lot of modern world factors can interfere with our self-recognition and put this feeling in crisis.

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