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News: Klaus Staeck poster exhibition at Galerie Rambow in Guestrow, Germany
received from Gunter Rambow

Invitation card by Gunter Rambow
Galerie Rambow zeigt Plakate von Klaus Staeck

1. Mai - 31. Juli, 2017
Eroeffnung 1. Mai, 2017, ab 18 Uhr

Galerie Rambow
Domplatz 16
D-18276 Guestrow, Germany

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Some pictures by Gunter and Angelika Rambow from the opening of the exhibition:

The Gallery entrance, with some posters by Klaus Staeck

The Teterower Schalmeien band plays in front of Galerie Rambow

The red brick house is The Galerie Rambow and also the residence and studio of the Rambow family


Klaus Staeck (left) in front of his posters, and Bazon Brock during his introductory speech

Klaus Staeck and Gunter Rambow

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