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News: Age discrimination in a poster workshop
Jan Bajtlik, the young, active and talented graphic designer from Poland sent me the news that he is conducting a poster design workshop for Polish and German designers in Posen / Poznan (Poland), 24 - 26 March 2017 in a frame of the Short Waves Film Festival.

The workshop is open to persons between the ages 18 - 35, implying that older designers are unfit or unworthy to participate.

I said it before:

As one of those being fenced out, I don't like this age discrimination. It is, in my opinion, just as bad as "whites only", "men only", "don't buy from Jews", and other such unjust propositions.

As there is no evidence that poster designers above 35 are any worse (or better) than younger ones, the restriction is arbitrary and unfair. It is illegal in many countries; the European Union in its Charter of Fundamental Rights prohibits all discrimination including on basis of disability, age and sexual orientation, cultural, religious and linguistic diversity, the rights of children and the elderly.

I have written to the following sponsors and organizers and asked them to remove the age restriction:

Szymon Stemplewski, Chaiman of Ad Arte
Sylwia Czubala, Short Waves Film Fesival
Prof. Piotr Glinski, Ministry of Culture

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