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News: Erich Brechbuehl and Felix Pfaeffli exhibition in Breda, Netherlands

Exhibition Poster by Felix Pfaeffli for Erich Brechbuehl

See more posters by Felix Pfaeffli on Pinterest

Exhibition Poster by Erich Brechbuehl for Felix Pfaeffli

See more posters by Erich Brechbuehl on Pinterest

EriFix, 52 posters by Erich Brechbuehl and Felx Pfaeffli

03.02.2017 - 22.04.2017
Chasse Parking, Breda, Netherlands

The shows 52 posters of the leading Swiss designers Erich Brechbühl (1977) and Felix Pfäffli (1986).

Swiss graphic design is world famous for its clear, legible, almost objective picture. Erich and Felix set the tone for the future of Swiss Design. They challenge the viewer with their colorful typography and illustrative experiments.

It was Erich Felix had become acquainted at a youth center with graphic design through manufacturing concert posters. This was the start of a close friendship and now they share for years a studio in Lucerne.

Erich learned all about graphic design as a companion of the famous designer Niklaus Troxler. After four years apprenticed to have been, he started his own studio. Today, posters are regularly awards and is the organizer of the festival poster Welt Format.

If Studio Feixen Felix works for clients like Nike, Google, Reebok and The New York Times both graphic and interior design, fashion, typography and illustration. He is a teacher and he travels the world over for lectures and workshops.

The exhibition EriFix they show every 26 prints on one side of the gallery. Especially for the exhibition, they designed a poster for each other. Erich late March and Felix come to Breda and give a lecture on their work.

(Google translate from Gallery text)

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