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News: The Faldin Family poster exhibition in St. Petersburg, Russia
received from Alexander Faldin

Exhibition poster by The Faldin Family
Exhibition "Faldin Family"
(Svetlana Faldina, Anastasia Faldina, Alexandra Faldina, Alexander Faldin).

21 February 3 March 2017.
St. Petersburg Union of designers. Creative space "Moyka-8"
Embankment Moyka River 8, Saint Petersburg, Russia

See pictures by Alexander Trofimov from the exhibition opening.

The "Faldin Family" is a unique graphic design collective living and working in St. Petersburg, and is a real family, a father, a mother, and two daughters, all trained graphic designers, creating together posters that regularly win prizes in international competitions. Equally important for me: They were also perfect hosts for various members of the "Wanner Family" (a swiss collective group, but not winning any prizes) during our stays in St. Petersburg, as I have pointed out previously.

The Faldin Family: ltr Anastasia, Alexander, Svetlana, Alexandra (Photo Alexander Koksharov)


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