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News: Dora Keresztes and Istvan Orosz exhibition in Budapest
received from Istvan Orosz

Exhibition poster, 1985

Exhibition poster, 2016
Keresztes Dora & Orosz Istvan
Grafikusmuveszek Kiallitasa

2016.11.29 - 2017.01.22

Galeria Vigado
Vigado ter 2
Budapest, Hungary

The exhibition of Dora Keresztes and Istvan Orosz is open till 22nd of January in Budapest Vigado Gallery. Posters are exhibited in the ground level and there are illustrations in the lower level of the gallery. Former Vigado Gallery organised the first joint exhibition of artworks by then fresh graduates from the Hungarian College of Fine Arts graphic artist couple Dóra Keresztes and István Orosz three decades ago, between 1st August and 1st September 1985. This event, which proved memorable for the young artists in many respects, was also recorded by the contemporary television programme entitled TV Galériája. Even if this current exhibition features works of graphic design prepared by the artists in the past thirty years, it actually also showcases a few of the images shown at the old exhibition 30 years ago.

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