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News: SVA MA Design Research, Writing & Criticism in New York
received from Molly Heintz

Publicity for the Design Research, Writing & Criticism course
The prestigious School of Visual Arts in New York regularly sends me invitations to take a one-year course in Design Research, Writing & Criticism for only US$ 39'200: "The MA program is suited to mid-career design or media professionals who wish to deepen their multi-dimensional research practice and enrich their understanding of design, architecture, and urban infrastructure. The program is also aimed at recent graduates, holding BA and BFA degrees, interested in strengthening their writing and critical thinking and developing an area of expertise."

I never know if they admire the critical thinking skills that they detect in Posterpage, or, more likely, it is a polite way of saying that in their opinion I desperately need some sort of education in what I am doing since 18 years 😉. YMMV, have a look!

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