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News: 34th Turkish Graphic Design Exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey
received from Volkan Olmez

Exhibition poster by Volkan Ölmez
34th Graphic Design Exhibition

Organized by
Turkish Society of Graphic Designers

November 13 - 28, 2015
Chamber of Architects
Karakoy Building Exhibition Hall
Kemankes Cad. 31, Karakoy, Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey

A total of 116 designers submitted 352 works to the yearly Graphic Design Exhibition before the deadline of September 20, 2015. The exhibition offers an extensive selection of graphic design in Turkey during the past year, including the new categories "Moving Image Design", "Mobile Application Design", "Student Project Design", "Personal Introduction "and "Typeface Design". Many received awards from the Turkish Society of Graphic Designers GMK (Grafik Tasarimcilar Meslek Kurulusunun).

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Below are some posters from the exhibition:

Christopher Çolak

Yigit Karagöz

Can Dagli

Erman Yilmaz

Utku Lomlu

Saydan Çelik

Ugur Altin

Burcu Çeliksap

Mehmet Metin

Christopher Çolak

Pinar Ulus

Ozge Güven

Volkan Ölmez

Hüseyin Sandik

Önder Dündar & Mehmet Akçakoca

Mehmet Metin

Sarp Sözdinler

Hüseyin Sandik

Sarp Sözdinler

Ferhat Dayioglu

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