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News: "Printed Commons", a poster event in Liege, Belgium
received from Teresa Sdralevich & Nawal Bakouri

Graphic Activisms

curated by Teresa Sdralevich and Nawal Bakouri
is one of the four main events of the design festival Reciprocity design, Liege 2015.

Malte Martin (DE/FR)
Homa Delvaray (IR)
Tom Henni (FR)
2 workshops (Martin and Delvaray) with the students of ESA Saint-Luc / B9 and Place Saint-Etienne
1 mobile workshop (Henni) in the public space, three days long
posters by Sdralevich spread in the city

Exhibition: 2015.10.01 - 2015.11.01
Official opening: Friday 2015.10.09, 6pm
B9 - ESA Saint-Luc Liège
41 Boulevard de la Constitution, 4020 Liège, Belgium

Graphic design can be an instrument for social and citizen empowerment, because it enables a dialogue, both verbal and visual and because it shapes content with an open-minded attitude.
The three guest graphic designers for Reciprocity design Liège 2015 have a unique relationship to words and public statements; both recurring themes in their work. They share the art of staging or shaping words, sometimes both. They also also image-makers and give the onlookers the means to project themselves into a sphere of emancipatory thinking.
Transmission is a key word, and three workshops are organized around Printed Commons; the city is the place where posters live, and those created by Teresa Sdralevich will be seen on its walls, along with the journal produced by the students with Malte Martin (in front of the Reciprocity Meeting Point).

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Posters by Malte Martin

Posters by Tom Henni

Posters by Homa Delvaray

Posters by Teresa Sdralevich

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