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News: Finn Nygaard poster exhibition in Mors, Denmark
received from Fynn Nygaard

Exhibition poster by Finn Nygaard
Finn Nygaard - Posters and so on

19. September -22. November 2015
Morso Kunstforening, Holmen, 7900 Nykobing Mors, Denmark

Morso Art Society shows in the period from 19.9. - 11.22. 2015, an exhibition with the artist and designer Finn Nygaard.

Finn Nygaard has since the late 70s created over 600 posters and just as many illustrations, he has crafted design comprehensive solutions for companies, designed a porcelain series and farvesat include trains and planes. Along the way he's been awarded many times and has exhibited all over the world, but also as a jury member, as a teacher and lecturer, he is internationally sought after.

The exhibition on Mors revolve around Finn Nygaard's poster art and displays out of new and old posters also a large number of Finn Nygaard's calligraphic works.

Finn Nygaard participate in the vernissage on 19.9. pm. 11, and he holds an additional lectures at Holmen - Wednesday 14:10 pm. 19 30 - where he will talk about the exhibition's works and on his many years of international work as a graphic artist.

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