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News: Max Skorwider poster exhibition in Brussels
received from Max Skorwider

Exhibition poster by Max Skorwider
PointCulture (a major Belgian cultural network) along with the MEAKULTURA Foundation is organising in Brussels an exhibition of Max Skorwider's posters. Skorwider is a well known artist and graphic designer from Poland. The exposition entitled La Musique guidant le peuple will last one month (starting 17th September 2015) as a crucial part of a cultural event called Colonies, Heritages et Tabous which will take place during three months in the PointCulture network.

La Musique guidant le peuple - Colonies.Heritages.Tabous
Exposition d'affiches de Max Skorwider

Rue Royale 145, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

17. September - 17. October 2015
Opening 17. September 18:00

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