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News: Hoseyn A. Zadeh poster exhibition in Zuerich, Switzerland
received from Hoseyn A. Zadeh

Hoseyn A. Zadeh, The Human Rights Watch
Exhibition and Workshop

Hoseyn A. Zadeh - Posters and Graphic Works

14 – 19 August 2015 KASSETTE . für projekte
Wolfbachstrasse 9
8032 Zuerich, Switzerland

«KASSETTE. für projekte» offers insights into the work of Hoseyn A. Zadeh with a one-week exhibition and a workshop. Most of his pieces contain his native Farsi script, written from right to left, which explains the title «Right Aligned». The exhibition opens on Friday, 14 August, at 19:30 with a speech by Roland Stieger, Designer at TGG, Agentur für Visuelle Kommunikation, St.Gallen.

On Saturday, 15 August Hoseyn A. Zadeh will offer interested parties the opportunity to work with two different alphabets themselves in a workshop from 14:00 to 17:00. Participants should come with a laptop. Please register with Regula Ehrliholzer ( by 12 August at the latest.

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