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News: Pictures from Onish Aminelahi's workshop in Ardabil, Iran
received from Onish Aminelahi

Workshop poster by Hojat Mojarad
Onish Aminelahi held a 3 day workshop at "Fadak" art & culture complex in Ardabil, Iran.

There were 35 artists attending this workshop, some graphic designers, some architects, photographers, painters and so onů

The workshop was called "Idea and Creativity" and it was held during 16th to 18th of June 2015. It was a combination of theoretical and practical topics.

The main subject of the workshop was "creativity in commercials"; so in the first two days everybody got familiar with some new ideas in advertising and then in the coming day students were divided into some groups of 5 people and started to practice creative writing. They ended up having some good advertising campaigns for some imaginary honey brands.

It has to be mentioned that Ardabil city is very famous for producing honey.

At the closure, the general director of the Cultural Bureau of Ardabil State attended the workshop and along with Mr. Aminelahi handed over the students' certificates.

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