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News: Jean-Pol Rouard and his students, poster exhibition in Brussels
received from Jean-Pol Rouard

Photo R. Wanner
Jean-Pol Rouard, Warsaw 2008
Jean-Pol Rouard, graphic design professor at the well known belgian art school Ecole de recherche graphique (Erg) is looking back over 30 years of teaching and is preparing an exhibition Parcours graphiques of the work of his students at the Seed Factory in Brussels, from October 8 to October 29, 2015. Vernissage October 8, 18:00 - 21:30.

The latest student project was to design a theater poster for the play Woyceck written by the german playwright Georg Buechner in 1836 and played at the Varia Theater in Brussels under Stage director Michel Dezoteux in March and April 2015.

Participanting students of Jean-Pol Rouard were Pauline Leonet, Louve Denis, Clemence Jarot, Marie-Aude Rosman, Kevin Vandeweghe, Gael Van Assche, Anne-Sophie Viala, Gaelle Jollivet, Laura Teixeira, Edouard Blum.

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Pauline Leonet

Denis Louve

Clemence Jarot

Marie-Aude Rosman

Kevin Vandeweghe

Gael Van Assche

Anne-Sophie Viala

Gaelle Jollivet

Laura Teixeira

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