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News: Poster for a workshop on visual identity by Saleh Zanganeh
received from Saleh Zanganeh

Workshop poster by Saleh Zanganeh
Golestan Institute of Higher Education Presents:
A Study of Designing Visual Identity, From Idea to Presenting
Two Days Workshop and Lecture by Saleh Zanganeh

Who am I, what's my goal, where do I go and mainly what's my character and identity!? These are some of the questions that a person or a cultural or artistic institute or even a commercial company ask himself! These are some of the inner awareness that a person or a group must ask himself to discover his inner identity. But in this case there is another factor from another point of view that we should consider; how the others know us and how do we look on the other's eyes! This workshop aims to study and analyse these issues. What the Identity is and how we can illustrate it and make it visibel to the others is the main goal of the workshop. In this case, Visual Identity will be analysed both from Cultural and commercial viewpoints.

Date: May 20 and 21, 2015
Place: Golestan Institute of Higher Education, Gorgan, Iran

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