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News: Posters for World Graphics Day, April 27
received from Benyamin Soleimani

Poster by Benyamin Soleimani, Iran
World Graphics Day used to be observed on April 27. The day was established by the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (ICOGRADA), which was founded on April 27, 1963.

It was later renamed to World Communication Design Day, and when I tried to look it up in Wikipedia, there is a message that the page had been deleted, because there was no indication of notability.

So I googled ICOGRADA, only to realize that it also has disappeared and is now called Ico-D.

It seems that the days are longe gone where it was the pride of every decent poster competition to have Guy Schockaert deliver the award from ICOGRADA, and there were hot debates whether the ICOGRADA prize was more prestigious than a gold medal.

Poster by Milad Aghazadeh, Iran

Poster by Mehdi Mousavi, Iran

Poster by Atefeh Rahbar, Iran

Poster by Touraj Saberivand, Iran

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