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News: Cedomir Kostovic wins typography award for a very special poster
received from Cedomir Kostovic

Poster by Cedomir Kostovic "Tribute to Rene Wanner", 2013
My longtime friend Cedomir Kostovic, a professor of graphic design at Missouri State University, wrote me I’m happy to tell you that the poster that I designed as tribute to your contribution to the poster world is awarded by Communication Arts magazine 2015 The Award of Excellence and it is published with the rest of winners in the January/February issu of Typography Annual 5.

Cedomir designed the poster at the invitation of Susana Machicao, who organized an international invitational poster exhibition as an accompanying event to the The Bienniale of Poster Bolivia BICeBé 2013 with the title "Tribute to Rene Wanner. Tributo a Rene Wanner Sr Cartel" at the National Museum of Art in La Paz, Bolivia. I am deeply honored and moved by this unique expression of sympathy for our common cause. The 76 posters are shown on a pinwall on Pinterest.

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