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News: The terror attacks on the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris
see Wikipedia for details of the events on 2015.01.07

Charlie Hebdo web page

Pascal Colrat, Hommage a Tignous
(Laurant Klajnbaum, Tignous, Pascal Colrat, Photo Melina Faget)

Sebastien Marchal, "Fabien Stang, maire d’Oslo, suite a la tuerie de l’ile d’Utoya par l’islamophobe Anders Breivik"
(We are going to punish the guilty. The punishment will be more generosity, more tolerance, more democracy)

Touraj Saberivand, Danger for all journalists who are in danger around the world

Max Rompo, Jesus! Charlie

At. Nous Travaillons Ensemble, 2015

Joel Guenoun, Charlie

Zlatan Drianov

Veronique Bourgoin / Fabrique des Illusions

Gerard Paris-Clavel

Thierry Sarfis

Zlatan Drianov

Zlatan Drianov

Pascal Colrat

Jan Bajtlik

Pascal Colrat

Szymon Szymankiewicz

Ardan Erguven

Yael Bogen (Charles de Gaulle speaking on BBC radio)

Pascal Colrat

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