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News: Exhibition of minimal movie posters by Ertan Toy in Istanbul (TR)
received from Ertan Toy

Exhibition poster by Ertan Toy
Ertan Toy's Solo Poster Exhibition
"100 years of Turkish Cinema with Images"

20 of December 2014 - 3rd of January 2015

Venue: Design Atelier Kadikoy
Rasimpasa Mh. Duatepe Sk. No: 61 Yeldegirmeni
Kadikoy-Istanbul / Turkey

2014 is the 100th anniversary of Turkish Cinema in Turkey. The exhibition idea was derived from the anniversary. Some movie posters from early period till now are redesigned in minimalist style by Ertan Toy via using the images, which have been placed in Turkish people's memories for years. Ertan Toy is an Istanbul based artist. As a designer, he has attended many mixed national - international exhibitions and biennial with his posters. Nowadays, he focuses on social and human rights issues in his designs. The designer has adopted a minimalist style in his works.

For detailed Information:

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See the full movie "Tosun Pasa" on Youtube (1:25:19)

See the full movie "Kibar Feyzo" on Youtube (1:22:45)

See the full movie "Issiz Adam" on Youtube (1:50:54)

See the full movie "Turist Omer" on Youtube (1:29:44)

See the full movie "Arabesk" on Youtube (1:32:19)

See the full movie "Babam ve Oglum" on Vimeo (1:52:57)

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