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News: Exhibition of polish movie posters in Prague
received from Pavel Rajcan and Jiri Kofron, Terry Posters, Prague

Cover of a brochure of the exhibition, based on a poster by Franciszek Starowieyski

Polish Film Posters - from Terry's Socks poster collection
December 1, 2014 - February 28, 2015
Aero, Oko and Svetozor cinemas, Prague, Czech Republic

Polish (not only film) poster is a legend among authorial art posters. In the late 1940's Polish artists started designing awesome film posters for CWF (Centrala Wynajmu Filmow), similar to Czechoslovakian Central Film Distribution. They approached their tasks in a very unique artistic way, very different from what was common in other European countries and overseas.

Talented Polish designers led by Jozef Mroszczak and Henryk Tomaszewski founded a famous Polish school of film poster which has become legendary in the course of years and has been inspiring film poster designers from all over the world ever since. The same thing happened in the Czechoslovakia.. In May 1954 the first exhibition of Polish film posters took place in House of Applied Arts in Prague. This exhibition played a very important role in defining a form of the modern Czechoslovakian film poster.

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Backside of a brochure of the exhibition, with all the posters shown
  The exhibition introduces 102 Polish film posters from Terry posters collection. These posters originated in years 1953 1991 and their authors are i.e. Roman Cieslewicz, Franciszek Starowieyski, Jan Lenica, Waldemar Swierzy, Wiktor Gorka, Jan Mlodozeniec, Julian Palka and Wojciech Fangor. The younger generation will also have their pieces of art exhibited, namely by artists Andrzej Klimowski, Andrzej Krajewski and Mieczyslaw Wasilewski.

Terry posters collection contains also a vast collection of 2000 Polish posters. Apart from Polish film posters there are also extensive collections of theatre, exhibition, opera, circus, jazz posters etc. All Polish posters from our collection are available to view on our web page.

Henryk Tomaszewski, 1953

Julian Palka, 1955

Roman Cielsewicz, 1961

Jan Lenica, 1962

Stanislaw Zamecznik, 1963

Roman Cieslewicz, 1963

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