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News: Argentine artist Ronald Shakespear is meeting old friends
received from Ronald Shakespear

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of his graphic design studio, Ronald Shakespear, b. 1941, sent me some pictures with old friends:

A recent portrait of Ronald Shakespear by Hermenegildo "Menchi" Sabat, one of the most important uruguaian/argentine caricaturists and painters, born in 1933.

Tomas Maldonado, b. 1922, an argentine painter, designer and thinker, considered one of the main theorists of design theory, relaxing with Ronald in November 2014, after giving a conference.

A portrait of Bob Gill, b. 1931, taken by Ronald with his Canon G12 in Mar del Plata (AR) during the Trimarchi Graphic Design Festival in October 2014.

See Ronald Shakespear's Facebook page for more pictures.

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